Environmental Disasters

Have You Been Injured or Suffered Property Damage from An Environmental Disaster?

We represent people who have been physically injured or suffered property damage as a result of environmental disasters stemming from the neglect of public utilities and corporate polluters. Our experience involves representing consumers as a result of fire and gas explosions, as well as environmental contaminants that contaminate the groundwater, soil, and air. These types of cases involve complex scientific issues and often take the form of class actions brought in the interest of numerous similarly-situated persons.


We only handle cases on a contingency fee basis—we charge no fees or expenses unless there is a recovery in the case.

Don’t Try to Go It On Your Own

One of the experienced, caring lawyers at Jenner Law will meet with you or your loved one to provide a free, no-obligation evaluation of your situation. If you have suffered from the neglect of a public utility or environmental polluter, we will represent you at no charge, receiving payment only if you do. It is important that you speak with an attorney and not try to get this compensation on your own. Each person’s situation is different and legal advice may help you maximize your compensation.

We Want to Fight for You.

Rob Jenner, head of Jenner Law, has more than 30 years’ experience as a leader in suing major medical drug and device companies. He repeatedly has been selected by federal and state court judges to lead teams of plaintiffs’ attorneys in complicated, multi-district legal battles against some of the nation’s most powerful businesses.