Construction Site and Workplace Injuries

We Hold Negligent Site Management Accountable

In a former life, Rob Jenner was counsel to the largest electric utility in the Baltimore- Washington area. Representing the utility in multiple trials, Rob learned the ins and outs of high stakes construction site litigation in cases involving cause and origin of fires; crane failures; building construction failures; OSHA regulations; traffic signal irregularities; and the like.

We understand the safety measures necessary to protect the men and women working to build our homes, office buildings and bridges—and the management mistakes and shortcuts that lead to tragic accidents.


We only handle cases on a contingency fee basis—we charge no fees or expenses unless there is a recovery in the case.

Jenner Law brings its extensive knowledge of safety codes and modern technology to the investigation of construction cases. We exhaustively search safety records, take comprehensive depositions and have pioneered the use of video technology and computer animation to illustrate how each accident happened and its impact on our clients.

In these complex cases, we rely upon both our experience and the wisdom developed by leading construction safety experts to determine what went wrong. We want to know:

  • Were all OSHA regulations and contractual safety requirements met?
  • Were best practice safety measures such as perimeter cables and safety nets used?
  • Were all workers properly trained?

If you would like to speak to an experienced workplace injury attorney, give us a call. The call and the consultation are free.

The Superior Court for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts appointed ROB JENNER to the Executive Committee for the Columbia Gas fire and explosion litigation stemming from disasters that occurred in the Boston suburbs on September 13, 2019. His expertise led to his placement on the settlement team that obtained a $143,000,000 settlement with Columbia Gas.